Change of Perspective

Meggie Danziger

places are crowded, overloaded with anonymity
everyone is talking

but no one is talking to each other

we are living commodified lives
walking around surrounded by invisible walls

separating us from the others

caught in the totality of the spectacle
we are hypnotized by the mantra of consumerism

the urban dream, a neoliberal nightmare

blindfolded with billboards
we do not see what is real and even

the visionaries have lost their vision

be subversive – dare to dream!
for dreaming is refusing to take part

in the nothingness of urbanism

take what is yours
and yours is everything

live, create, destroy

celebrate the human spirit
defend real experience

construct your own history

occupy every void
for there is no such thing as


Inspired by the writings of the Situationist International

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